John J. Taylor (@jjtaylorwriter) is a writer who thinks. I love to think things through, and then think things through again. This is called Intellection (StrengthsFinder). I’m always trying to see things through different views rolling it around in my mind. 


Born: 1968, Nassau, Bahamas 

Education: Minneapolis Community College, Globe College of Business, Brown Institute (Computer Programming)

Real Name: Juan Taylor, John J. Taylor is my pen name. My father was from the Dominican Republic which is a spanish speaking country.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in the Bahamas. And then at age 10, I grew up in Northfield, MN. That’s the two college town where the town folk defeated Jesse James Gang and they have an annual re-enactment. Spending decades in the U.S., much of it in MN, I returned years ago to the capital of the Bahamas which is the city of Nassau.

How long have you been a writer? I wanted to be a writer since a child. Only about 10 years ago did I actively pursue it. My mother taught creative writing at St. Olaf College, along with literature and film studies. My grandfather was a prolific writer and oral storyteller of short anecdotes. So the talent runs in the family.

What is your favorite short story? My favorite short story is probably James Baldwin’s ‘Sonny’s Blues’. There’s just something magical about the ending. I don’t even want to explore why since it may spoil the magic.

What is your favorite Poem? Poe’s ‘A Dream Within a Dream’. It  probably doesn’t make complete sense. I don’t believe Poe cared though. It simply sounds awesome and has enough meaning and stability to ask questions.

What is your favorite Novel? That would be Twain’s ‘Huckleberry Finn’. One of the first novels I read. I felt like I was playing Hookey reading the book instead of totally focusing on my Middle Grade studies. I believe the best books we’re most fond of, truly most fond of, is usually the ones we read as a child.

Why did you choose to write in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre? It’s simply cool and creative. That’s where creativity shines. The Sci Fi genre is really about ideas, about inventions that could be, and the ramifications of those inventions. It’s not only about what the future can be, but it’s about exploring what it can be. The Fantasy genre takes us back to our inner past where we can see ourselves as we were within the context of symbolic figures. We can explore our past and through that come to know ourselves better in moving forward.

The Bahamas

March on Bahamaland

(Bahamian National Anthem)

by Timothy Gibson

           Lift up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland;

           March on to glory your bright banners waving high.
           See how the world marks the manner of your bearing!
           Pledge to excel through love and unity. 

           Pressing onward, march together to a common loftier goal;
           Steady sunward, tho’ the weather hide the wide and treacherous shoal. 

           Lift up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland,
           ‘Til the road you’ve trod lead unto your God, March On, Bahamaland.

Other Work

Design, Web design, Copy Writing, Android Dev, Poetry, Fiction and Screenwriting. 

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